About Seal


A tough aluminum sailboat to explore high latitudes
and support scientific and adventure expeditions ...


2:00 am in late summer Illorsuit, Greenland

Sailing in a gale just south of Iceland (Greenland-Scotland passage)

Plastic waste (right) and recycling - in Greenland, we carried several months' waste with us because there was no place to dispose of it locally (it doesn't smell if you wash everything)

The "wet locker" though things don't stay wet for long with a double radiator in the locker ... it is a real joy to come on watch and put on dry foul weather gear

Pantry & Larder - on most boats, the primary food storage is under the saloon seats and everytime the cook wants something, he or she has to uproot the saloon. With a dedicated larder, you can stay put and enjoy the view